A Space to Learn, Share, Innovate and Execute Together

The IMAGINE Collaborative Community was launched in February 2017 and is a unique opportunity for organisations to work together and make a difference. It is a Community of committed senior leaders from across Talent and business functions. In addition to the paying member organisations, the Community is guided by a CEO Advisory Group and supported by an innovation ‘ecosystem’ of subject matter experts, thought leaders and academic bodies curated by IMAGINE to build and execute new solutions to shared challenges.

"Centralization and uniformity are the enemies of resilience. Instead of using technology to automate HR, we need to use it to obliterate bureaucracy"

Our Design

We believe open collaboration is the future for co-creation. The Community has co-designed a new collaboration methodology underpinned by a rigorous and codified approach to innovation, learning and experimentation developed in partnership with The Henley Business School. The Community’s activities are action-orientated with the objective of producing tangible outcomes based on robust evidence and data. Our design principles are:

  • Better Together – open collaboration with other businesses leads to new opportunities and innovative problem solving
  • Collaborate to Innovate – Leaders learn how to collaborate, triangulate the best of breed from everything and create new insights for their organisations
  • Face 2 Face – our collaborative activities build connections and promote a deeper level of sharing
  • The Power of Difference – diverse minds on a shared challenge breaks through ‘group think’ and inertia into new possibilities