Building the
New Blueprint
for Talent

If we are to embrace the opportunities of the digital age and harness the potential of our 21st century workforce we need to move away from the complacency of best practice and the conservatism of received wisdom.

To build the new we need to go back to foundations and first principles, bust established beliefs and assumptions and shift mind-sets as to the art of the possible.

Blueprinting provides the scaffolding to navigate the future. Taking lessons from the fringes and harnessing the power of collaboration, it is possible to re-define our leadership purpose and design the new building blocks and choices for success.

The New Business Formula

The Industrial Age mantras of efficiency and scalability are no longer enough to gain and sustain competitive advantage in a world of increasing uncertainty and rapid change. Organisations must transform their cultures to value and cultivate intangible strengths.

There is a growing capability gap between organisations strategies and their ability to execute upon them. Only by creating a compelling mission, being transparent and giving everyone a voice will we start to unlock the true value of people.

Action-Oriented Collaboration

Using structured activities including Labs, Sprints and Working Groups, business and Talent leaders are prototyping the organisation of the future, building the new Leader Playbook and developing a platform for experimentation to deliver innovation and change.